About Jared TendlerJared Tendler

Jared Tendler, MS, LMHC, is a leading expert in how your mental game impacts performance. His roster of clients spans 45 countries and includes financial traders, eSports athletes, some of the top poker players in the world, a top ranked pool player in the world, and professional golfers.

The author of two highly acclaimed books, The Mental Game of Poker, and The Mental Game of Poker 2, Jared currently serves as the mental game coach to the eSport organization Team Liquid, and is also the host of the popular podcast, The Mental Game.

Jared’s straightforward and practical approach to coaching has helped numerous clients solve their mental game problems and perform at their highest levels. After earning a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology (MS) and becoming a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), Jared began his coaching career in 2005.

The desire to focus on the mental game was born out of personal experience. While playing collegiate golf for Skidmore college, Jared was a three-time All-American and won nine tournaments, but he was continually choking in major national events. Driven to find answers, he got a Master’s degree in psychology and became a licensed therapist to solve the problems conventional golf psychology couldn’t.

Jared originally began his coaching career working with golfers on the LPGA, PGA, and Nationwide Tour, as well as top-ranked juniors and serious amateurs. In 2007, after coaching a former professional golfer turned poker player, Jared began translating his practical and straightforward coaching methods to poker. While not a poker player himself, his coaching expertise and proven techniques have consistently driven results for some of the top players in the world. Most recently, Jared has been steadily increasing his expertise with financial traders, who routinely comment that The Mental Game books apply perfectly to their industry if you just change the word “poker” to “trading.”

In the spirit of “practice what you preach,” Jared also followed his own program several years ago to solve his mental game problems. He qualified for the 2013 US Mid-am, shooting two under par. To learn more about Jared and receive tips on improving your own performance, sign up for his free newsletter.