BIG BIG NEWS: Brand new free poker book

I’m really excited to announce that in partnership with 888 Poker, I’ve released a 15 chapter blog series/mini mental game book. The material is all brand new, so if you’re a fan of The Mental Game of Poker 1 & 2 there’s a lot here for you.

The content builds upon and simplifies areas of the mental game that I’ve talked about before. Plus, there’s a video for each chapter where I go deeper into each topic, so it’s even easier to improve.

And if you’re not very familiar with my books or the mental game this is a great introduction. I really worked hard to make it valuable for you.

In the series/book I cover a range of topics, for example “why you make bad decisions”, “how to cure your addiction to soul reads”, “why you shouldn’t trust your gut”, and “how to end the endless distractions.” I also have a chapter specifically on the one thing I would change about The Mental Game of Poker. Here’s a link to check the whole thing out. Let me know what you think:

888 Poker Mental Game Series

If you are yet to read my books, don’t forget you can get them for free on audiobook here. Poker players in particular have found it helpful to listen to them while they play.

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