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Recap from the U.S. Open Qualifier

  It pains me to say it, but I did not qualify for the next stage of US Open qualifying. There were 120 guys competing for 7 spots. I shot 77...

From “F*** it!” to Funded

The urge to say “F*** it” and gamble can be very, very tempting in some situations. And this isn’t something that just happens in poker, or trading,...

I Won!

  I won! I actually won! In my first tournament of the year, the GAP Mid-Amateur Qualifier, I shot an even par 69 in incredibly windy...

Finding My Long-Lost Brother

I wrote this blog a few days before my first tournament of the year, and spoiler alert... something great happened that I talk about at the end of...

Build Endurance for Your A-game

It’s easy to perform badly for a long time. Anyone can do that. Your A-game, however, is taxing. You’re utilizing recently learned skills and that...