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Be Your Own Coach

Last month I tweeted about an idea I discuss often with my 1:1 clients – the need to be your own coach. The idea struck a bigger chord than I was...

Tools & Resources to Speed Progress

  There’s no question that consistent effort will accelerate your mental game progress. To get results, you simply must do the work....

The Cost of Perfectionism

  “If you are going to drive for perfection, you have to be strong enough to handle imperfection." – Jared Tendler, Office Hours #14 (Yeah I’m...

Perfectionists Who Procrastinate

I wrote this post last night after my kid went to bed.   Just kidding. But if that scenario rings true for you, I get it. I’m a (largely) reformed...

Evolution of Your Mental Game

You’ve done a bunch of work. You’ve made some progress.  Now what?  The truth is, it depends. Your next steps will be different based on where you...