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Many traders assume their trading errors can be easily eliminated with a greater ability to read charts, improved technical analysis, or more detailed knowledge of markets. But repetitive errors such as forcing mediocre trade set-ups, hesitating on entries, exiting trades too early, chasing the market, and sticking with a losing trade too long often are caused by underlying mental game problems. Greater trading knowledge can’t overcome the mental or emotional problem holding you back.

Common problems traders struggle with:

Lack of discipline




Misreading the market


Not trusting your gut


Revenge trading

Transitioning from the sim


Having played golf at a high level (he was a three-time All-American), Jared understands the psychological demands to play your best under intense pressure. His practical and straightforward system has proven to be successful at every level of the game, including winners on the PGA and LPGA Tour. Ultimately, golfers work with Jared because their game isn’t progressing and they don’t know why. He helps them discover and correct mental game weaknesses they didn’t even know were there.

Fear of failure

Lacking confidence

Handling bad luck

Performance anxiety

Making swing changes

Pre-shot routine

Getting in the zone

Improving decision-making

Poker Players

In his years of coaching poker players, Jared has worked with many of the world’s best live and online players. His clients include Jorryt Van Hoof, EPT Champion Ben Wilinofsky, WSOP bracelet winners Justin Oliver, Kristen Bricknell, Jordan Morgan and Max Steinberg. Like them, you can benefit from removing the mental and emotional problems that affect your decisions at the tables. Poker continues to get more and more competitive. You simply can’t afford to lose out on EV from self-inflicted mistakes.


Fear of moving up

Handling bad luck

Playing longer

Playing A-game


Poker/Life balance

Handling distractions

Business Professionals

During the course of his coaching career with athletes and poker players, Jared began coaching clients as they established new business ventures. One client led to another, and soon enough he was coaching professionals from real estate investors, to Amazon sellers, to users of crowd-funding, and operators of multi-million dollar businesses. Jared isn’t an executive coach who will help you with the structure of your business. Instead, he can help you to resolve the emotional problems holding you back from taking your business venture or career to the next level.


Presentation anxiety

Handling pressure

Loss of confidence

Making transitions

Mistake tilt

Lacking discipline

Work/Life balance