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Sometimes You Need Perspective

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Is Coaching For Me?

Mental and emotional problems strain your decision-making process and damage execution. You get it. But sometimes you need an objective view to understand what’s really going on and help you navigate next steps. That’s where coaching comes in.

Remove mental barriers

Much like a weed grows back if you don’t pull out the roots, so too will your emotional issues return if you don’t fix the root of the problem.

Tackle emotions head-on

Create a lasting solution that works in even the toughest, most pressure-filled situations.

Improve decision-making

Fix the mental and emotional problems that strain your decision-making process.

What Others Say About Jared

“Working with Jared was an exceptional experience. He helped me to overcome mental roadblocks that held me back for years. The sessions with Jared brought my trading performance to a whole new level.”

– Alex Raguz, institutional trader

“I’ve been working with Jared since I was young and it’s amazing how much knowledge he has, and how he can convey information clearly for people at many different levels. For me, having him on my team is so important and gives me such an advantage. I feel I have an edge over others with what he has been able to help me with.”

– George Cunningham, Korn Ferry Tour player

“I give Jared a lot of credit for helping me figure out how to be a professional. There was such a stark contrast between me and some of the other players in the way they handled themselves during a final table. Players really would get so emotional at the results of even the smallest pots.”

– Max Steinberg, 2012 WSOP bracelet winner & 2015 WSOP main event final table participant

“Jared Tendler has consulted to my team and me since 2016. He has played a critical role to help stack probability in favor of success for my organization and me. I feel enlightened with crystal clear thoughts after each session. He is a world-class outlier bringing substantial value and driving elite performance through his transfer of knowledge.”

– Matt Elliott, Horse Better, Edge Stackers Founder and CEO

“Jared’s work is groundbreaking because it gives you an actual model to implement. This is a huge differentiator. As you evolve as a trader, you’ll learn more about yourself and your own individual challenges. Once you have the framework in place, it will always be there for you. This can be applied to any performance field.”

– Chris Duhanci, independent trader

“Jared’s step-by-step process for dealing with different problems, and increasing the amount of time that I’m in the zone, has been instrumental to my success inside and outside the game. I recommend his work to any that is serious about working on tilt and being at the top of their game.”

– Jon “elige” Jablonowski, Team Liquid, #8 ranked Counter-Strike player in the world

“I am an M.D. radiologist specializing in breast cancer detection and care. Having completed my medical training just 2 years ago, I was struggling tremendously with a severe lack of confidence. Even though my statistics showed I was performing well, I lacked confidence and was constantly afraid of missing a breast cancer, getting sued, or hurting a family. Jared’s attentive listening and unparalleled perceptiveness, helped me to see unconscious assumptions I had about myself and to break through decades of perfectionism. I’m now reading more mammograms than I ever have because I’m not bogged down by my fears, my relationships are thriving, and I even have extra bandwidth to exercise every day.”

– Esther Hwang

“I am a professional sports bettor and have worked with Jared for the past 10 years. He has been instrumental in my success as a sports bettor. Jared has an amazing ability to meet you where you’re at and systematically improve and optimize your mental game. I can’t recommend him enough!”

– Charles T.

“Understanding yourself is even more important than understanding your charts. I used to carry around a lot of emotional baggage with me, without even knowing it. After using Jared’s system, I’m no longer a slave to the market – now, I’m able to make the market work for me.”

– Max Sydney, independent trader

“Since I started working with Jared my awareness and understanding of my mental state has tripled and is still rising! We made a full mental problem area profile with solutions that I can always fall back on this when traveling and in competition. My confidence has become more stable because losing doesn’t always mean you’re playing bad. The complete package has resulted in more tournament wins, and this year alone, two more European titles and a second World title!”

– Niels Feijen, one of the top ranked pool players in the world