technology-sociology-psychology-researchI have spent nearly two decades developing a program designed to eliminate the mental issues that prevent you from performing your best. I’ve worked hard to make complex matters of the mind simple, by using science, novel theories, logic and a surprising degree of practical solutions. There is clear rationale to everything we do, and the dramatic results many clients have are a direct result of focusing on what matters most.

My process is different to other approaches you may have seen or heard in conventional performance psychology. In my system we don’t view emotions in themselves to be the problem, they are just the messaging system. Rather than attempt to block out emotional issues, we tackle them head-on, so that we eliminate them at the root.

I have helped a way range of people from executives to golfers, from Tennis professionals to poker players, and from poker champions to television presenters. The process is the same for all of them, but the language is different. In particular I have coaching programs for golfers, traders and poker players which you can learn more about.

Poker Players l Golfers l TradersBusiness Professionals

Constant improvement requires commitment and an open mind. You’ll learn a lot about how the mind functions, the role of emotion, and how to learn efficiently. Including:

  • How to get in the zone consistently
  • How to perform well under pressure
  • Motivation & Procrastination
  • Focus
  • Anxiety
  • Mental endurance
  • Work/Life balance
  • Discipline and control
  • Dealing with adversity

If you would like information on pricing visit this page. For more information or to set up a coaching session, please contact me here.