In Person

Technology is a wonderful enabler – 20 years ago I would never have been able to serve the global roster of clients I have today. It’s not really the same, however, as being together in the same room.

My original coaching business was actually all face-to-face. I started on the golf course, walking with my clients and providing real-time coaching while they were playing the game. Since then I have had amazing opportunities, mostly because of Skype, to work with clients around the world across many different industries. I’m extremely grateful for that flexibility. At the same time, meeting face-to-face is always fun when it’s possible. I’m a social guy and like meeting with people in person.

That’s where my local office comes in.

I now live in Bucks County, PA, where I also maintain a local office. My wife is from this area originally and our family has put down strong roots here. So I thought – why not get back to my own roots and start to see clients in person again? I also view this as an opportunity to become more connected to my local community.

If you prefer the experience of meeting face-to-face and Bucks County is within driving distance, this could be a great option for you. Check out my packages here.