NEW! Leverage Your Intuition Free 31 Page eBook

Leverage Your IntuitionI’m excited to announce the release of Leverage Your Intuition, a 31 page free eBook!

Intuition is a critical tool for traders. It allows you to cut through noise and self-doubt. But in order to leverage your intuition, you need to know when your intuition, or gut, is more likely to be right, or wrong. Trading with that knowledge is powerful and lucrative. It allows you to capitalize on opportunities other traders can’t see, or get out of moves that typically lead to bigger losses.

One of the challenges I faced while writing The Mental Game of Trading was accepting that I couldn’t fit everything into one book. While I couldn’t be happier with how the book turned out, intuition was a topic that I ultimately had to cut, but I didn’t want the material to end up on the cutting room floor.

With that in mind I wrote Leverage Your Intuition, as a companion piece to The Mental Game of Trading that I’m releasing it as a free eBook. The goal was to make intuition within trading more recognizable, so you can cultivate it and use it effectively.

In this free resource you’ll learn:

  • Spot real intuition vs. emotions just masquerading as intuition
  • The origin of intuition within the mind
  • Strategies and advice on how you can produce it more often and less spontaneously

Ready to leverage your intuition to bolster both your PnL and your confidence?

Click to Download your Copy Today


Written by Jared Tendler

June 28, 2021

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