New Program: The Mental Game of Trading LIVE

I’m excited to introduce The Mental Game of Trading LIVE, a coaching and accountability program hosted on a closed, online platform, where you can pay a fraction of the cost of private coaching, and:

  • Gain insight on what’s holding you back and learn techniques to correct costly problems
  • Get live coaching and personalized feedback
  • Accelerate your progress with an on-demand knowledge base of advice, experiences, examples, and analysis
  • Cultivate accountability and momentum in a community of like-minded traders

The program has grown out of a successful beta test I ran this spring and summer.

Actionable Insights into Your Trading Psychology

There are two membership tiers available: Essential Membership and Premium Membership, which is limited to just 100 traders. The core components are:

  • Weekly Strategy Sessions: In these 60-minute coaching sessions offered 5x/month, Premium Members will join me live while I give personalized advice to break through roadblocks, analyze member-submitted worksheets, and answer questions. Every session is recorded for viewing by all members.
  • Knowledge Base: The easily searchable and content-rich Knowledge Base includes step-by-step instructions, video clips of worksheet feedback, examples, templates, and more. New content will be added regularly.
  • Individual Coaching: To quickly accelerate progress and provide a learning opportunity for the group, I will regularly select members for 15 minutes of individual coaching related to a topical theme.
  • Member Forums: Each membership tier has its own Forum where traders can exchange ideas, get motivated, and hold each other accountable. In addition, I will answer selected questions and/or analyze worksheets in a Weekly Mailbag.

While mental game errors clearly cost you money, it can be hard to commit to the self-reflection, consistency and repetition needed to correct them. For more information on The Mental Game of Trading LIVE, including an inside look at the online platform, click here.

Written by Jared Tendler

September 21, 2023

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