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Jared Tendler presents

Office Hours

Jared will host a livestream event on YouTube once a month. For about an hour he will discuss different topics and answer your questions. The best part? It’s completely free to join. Click below to subscribe to Jared’s YouTube channel and get notified when Office Hours are live. You can also scroll down to give your input ahead of time on topics you want covered or questions you want answered.

When’s the Next Livestream?

Join Jared live to learn about mental game topics that will help you improve your performance and have your questions answered live. Here’s an overview of the upcoming topics.

Edition 6: Burnout

The next livestream is planned for November 17 at 4:30PM ET. Jared will discuss the topic burnout.

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Edition 7: Goal Setting

The 7th edition of Office Hours is planned for December 15 at 2:30PM ET. Jared will discuss why & how to set your goals.

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Previous editions

Edition 1: Greed and Fear

Jared will host the first office hours on May 26 at 4:30PM ET. Learn more about two of the biggest problems in trading, that also hide in plain sight in poker, and elsewhere.

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Edition 2: Identifying the Root of Your Problem

The second livestream is planned for June 23 at 4:30PM ET. Get help discovering the cause of your problems. That’s essential if you’re going to truly solve them.

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Edition 3: Understanding the Inchworm Concept

The third livestream is planned for July 21 at 2:30PM ET. Discover how to make the most out of this simple, and yet powerful concept for improvement.

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Edition 4: Mental Game Tune Up for Tournament Poker

The next livestream is planned for September 15 at 2:30PM ET. Get tips from Jared’s new video course designed to help poker players to be at their best during tournament play, just in time for the WSOP.

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Edition 5: Knowing Your Game

The next livestream is planned for October 13 at 4:30PM ET. Jared will discuss a tool that needs to be the center point of your game.

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