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Jared is available for speaking engagements for conferences and events, as well as private clients. Keynote remarks are always tailored to the event. Private workshops can be structured as half-day, full-day, or multi-day, and are customized based on the client’s needs.

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What Others Say About Jared

“I hosted a team of sixteen at an event in which I invited Jared Tendler to participate. Jared led the team through discussion and techniques review to arm all of us with approaches to dealing with stress in a substantially more positive way. Everyone had a great day, a great experience – and most importantly feedback from the team 60 days post event gave evidence that the techniques when consistently applied are lasting.”

– Don DeMarco, Vice President IBM

“Having a great trading plan is just part of it. Having the ability to follow the plan is the key – and that takes discipline. That’s where Jared Tendler comes in. This was the first time we brought in an outside speaker to one of our events and Jared was spot on! He captivated the room and we all learned a great deal about ourselves – which makes us all better traders.”

– David Marsh, Founder Traders Education LLC

“Before I got to know Jared, I still had some healthy skepticism around mental coaches taking shortcuts to self-improvement by sharing basic life wisdoms. After working together, it was clear that Jared focused on deeper intrinsic challenges and motivations that are different for each individual. He was always able to dig into the real issues holding back individuals or teams, and either break through or find work arounds. He has coached several of our championship winning teams who all swore by his work as being one of the reasons for their success.”

– Victor Goossens, Co-CEO Team Liquid

“Jared’s contribution to poker cannot be understated. He created the seminal work on the mental game of poker and single handedly changed the signal to noise ratio in the field. He cuts through the fluff and nonsense and gets right to clear, actionable game plans for improving your mental game. A very large percentage of the game’s most successful players owe him a debt of gratitude.”

– Nick Binger, President LearnWPT