“The Mental Game of Poker is the only book I recommend

2012 WSOP Main Event Champion Greg Merson

“My buddy Tony Gregg (The 2013 One Drop Champion) told me I should read The Mental Game of Poker on audiobook. I downloaded it in the middle of June 2012 and listened to it every night over the course of the WSOP. I couldn’t endorse it more, I’ve done interviews where people ask me what book I recommend and that is the only book I recommend. I couldn’t agree with the philosophy of the book more.”

2012 WSOP Main Event Final Table


“His insights and input have been invaluable to me.”

Jorryt von Hoof, 2014 WSOP Main Event 3rd place

“Jared has been my coach for over 4 years now. His insights and input have been invaluable to me. The effect of his coaching reach even outside my poker success, and into my life.”


“Jared helped me figure out how to be a professional”

Max Steinberg, 2012 WSOP bracelet winner & 2015 WSOP main event final table participant

poker_steinberg_sy_600“I give Jared a lot of credit for helping me figure out how to be a professional. There was such a stark contrast between me and some of the other players in the way they handled themselves during a final table. Players really would get so emotional at the results of even the smallest pots. An interviewer asked me after I won “It seems like you don’t really care that much about live poker huh?” and I said “What!? I deeply care!” He genuinely thought that I didn’t really care about the final table because I wasn’t (as) emotional attached to the results of all-in’s like the others.

I actually remember thinking at the final table of a conversation we had while I was working with Jared about how I wanted to make a million dollars and was disappointed that I didn’t make it. Jared asked me whether I would be happy having a million dollars knowing that I really didn’t do enough to earn it and the answer was no. Remembering that was a great reminder that playing well at the final table was going to be more rewarding than any result that could happen. I don’t think I’ve ever executed my game plan any better. Luckily, I played well and got the bracelet, it’s funny how things work out that way.”


“My mental game is tough, I don’t tilt anymore”

2013 WSOP bracelet winner Justin Oliver

“My mental game is tough, and I’ll tell you why. My mental game used to be terrible, I used to tilt, I used to go insane. This is going to be a plug for Jared Tendler, he wrote a book called The Mental Game of Poker and I don’t tilt any more.”


“He captivated the room and we all learned a great deal about ourselves – which makes us all better traders.”

“My firm, Traders Education LLC, teaches people how to trade the markets for daily income.  As an active trader, I can say the hardest part about trading is the discipline it takes to be successful. Having a great trading plan is just part of it. Having the ability to follow the plan is the key – and that takes discipline. That’s where Jared Tendler comes in.

At our last live event in Jacksonville, FL we retained Jared to spend some time with our students discussing “The Mental Game” of trading.  This was the first time we brought in an outside speaker to one of our events and Jared was spot on!  He captivated the room and we all learned a great deal about ourselves – which makes us all better traders.

Jared is a very personable guy who was more than generous with his time and his resources.  After class, we went out to dinner and really had a chance to get to know him on a personal level.  He’s a great, caring individual who wants to see everyone succeed. We strongly recommend him and will certainly use him again at our next live event!”

davidmarsh_smDavid Marsh, founder
Traders Education LLC



“The Mental Game of Poker is one of the only ‘trading’ books I recommend.”

Chris Dunn, Dailytradingprofits.com


“The complete package has resulted in more tournament wins, and this year alone, two more European titles and a second World Title!!

Niels Feijen, #1 ranked pool player in the world

“Since I started working with Jared my awareness and understanding of my mental state has tripled and is still rising! We made a full mental problem area profile with solutions that I can always fall back on this when traveling and in competition. My confidence has become more stable because losing doesn’t always mean you’re playing bad. My expectations have decreased, which has led to less pressure and more confidence. The complete package has resulted in more tournament wins, and this year alone, two more European titles and a second World title!”


“To a person, everyone had a great day and a great experience.”

Don DeMarco, Vice President, IBM

0994845“I hosted a team of sixteen at an event in which I invited Jared Tendler to participate.  Using golf as the venue, Jared led the team through discussion and techniques review to arm all of us with approaches to dealing with stress in a substantially more positive way.  By consistently and meticulously focusing on relaxation, preparation, and evaluation processes – again, using the game of golf as the principal teaching venue – it was clear to all that these very same stress-management techniques apply to our professional and personal lives.  To a person, everyone had a great day, a great experience – and most importantly feedback from the team sixty days post event gave evidence that the techniques when consistently applied are lasting.  Great job, Jared!”


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