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Trading Psychology Masterclass

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and unlock your trading potential.

Stop Making the Same Mistakes

You make mistakes even when you know better. If you have the technical skills and can’t stop making mistakes, the problem isn’t technical.

FOMO-ing Into Bad Trades

Revenge Trading

Poor Execution

Exiting Trades Too Early

Inability to Focus

Misreading the Market

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Having a Concrete System Matters

Traders understand the impact of emotions, but most don’t have a system to manage them. It’s a massive disconnect and this hands-on, guided series can give you that system.


believe that psychology plays an important role in trading


can see when emotions affect their trading decisions


have a concrete strategy for managing their emotions

*Data from study performed by Jared Tendler among 1273 respondents in 2021

Exclusive Webinar Series in Partnership with TraderLion

Hands-On Experience 

Participate in 5 interactive sessions, 2 hour each, and learn an effective system to improve your mental game. All sessions start at 11:30am Eastern US time.

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Participate live in all 5 webinars


Learn a proven, repeatable mental game system


Exclusive guide: 8 Hacks to Improve Your Mental Performance


Access to proprietary templates to create your system


Ask questions live


Collaborate in exclusive, online forum


Chance to be chosen for a FREE 1-on-1 session with Jared


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