Trading Coaching

After coaching hundreds of professional poker players, I realized that the mental game issues they faced and the solutions for dealing with them were directly transferable to the world of professional trading. Whether you are an institutional trader or a day trader, my program can help you control your emotions, improve your discipline and consistently make the right decisions.

My coachingc3_trade_floor2 can help you in two ways, eliminating common trading errors and correcting mental game problems. Many traders assume their trading errors can be easily eliminated with greater ability to read charts, improved technical analysis, or more detailed knowledge of the markets. But errors such as forcing mediocre trade set-ups, hesitating on entries, exiting trades too early, chasing the market, and sticking with a losing trade too long often are caused by underlying mental game problems. Greater trading knowledge can’t overcome the mental or emotional problem holding you back. That’s why traders work with me. I help them correct the problems they cannot.

Traders also struggle with the following problems, and I’m an expert at solving them:

  • Lack of discipline
  • Fear (Losing money, missing out, giving back profit, etc)
  • Impatience
  • Not trusting your gut
  • Greed
  • Anger (Mistakes, losing money, revenge trading, etc)
  • Transitioning from the simulator
  • Overconfidence and a loss of confidence
  • Misreading the market
  • Keeping up with the evolution of trading

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Coaching Process

The first step is identifying the cause of your mental game problems. To make that happen efficiently you’ll complete my new client questionnaire. I’ll spend around 45 minutes reviewing the questionnaire before our first session, so at the start of that first session I already have a plan that will get us focused on what’s most relevant to solving your problem. (Many clients also say that just filling out the questionnaire is helpful.)

By the end of the first session you’ll have a straightforward, step-by-step strategy to begin fixing your mental game problems. Part of that strategy will include information on key theories about the mental game that will help you better understand the rationale behind the strategy. In my experience, when clients know some basics about how the mind works, they’re more likely to stick with the strategy and thus more likely to improve. In successive sessions, we’ll continue to refine the strategy as you gain more experience and knowledge about your mental game until you have command of the problem.

My coaching is organized around your goals, so once they’ve been achieved, we either say goodbye, or we come up with new areas of your mental game to work on. I have clients who are satisfied with what we accomplish in just a handful of sessions and I have other clients who are so driven to improve that we’ve been working regularly for years. Ultimately, it’s up to you.

One of the benefits of my coaching that often surprises my clients is that they’re not only happy having their issues resolved, they also have greater overall confidence because they now know how to solve their mental game problems. I don’t just give answers, I give them a strategy that allows them to understand how to solve problems on their own. I don’t just give them fish, I teach them how to fish.

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