Upgrade to the Trading Psychology Masterclass

I worked very hard to create what I believe to be the most comprehensive trading psychology course on the market today – and now it’s been upgraded. Plus, through the end of November we’re offering a big discount. Don’t miss your chance!

The course expands on the material from The Mental Game of Trading and makes it easier for you to personalize a mental game strategy that can take your trading to the next level.

You’ll get to see tons of examples of my tools in action and hear my take on user-submitted Mental Hand Histories, Maps, A to C-Game Analyses, and other templates not available elsewhere. You’ll also observe mini-client sessions as I work 1:1 with students to work through their problems and recommend next steps.

After recording the original webinars for this Masterclass in 2022, we have gone back and added a different way to work through the material and bring it to life, creating 6 distinct modules that correspond to my system. Each module builds on itself and is designed to help you develop a complete strategy for fixing your costly errors.

You can also watch the full recordings for an uninterrupted experience if you so wish. However, we recommend you pace yourself and follow the path that we have set in the modules.

Here you can see the new modules at the top, and the full recordings still available to view:

I’m not saying that this course is a must for all of you. I wrote the book with the intent of it standing on its own, and the feedback that I continue to receive confirms that.

But I also know that many of you want more. You’re looking for clarity on how to use the worksheets effectively, how to identify the details that really matter, and how to truly leverage the system. You want to see real examples and hear from other traders like you about what is tripping them up and how to fix it. You might also want to feel less alone, that you’re not the only one struggling. The good news is this is exactly what the course offers and participants told us how helpful it was.

“During the course there was so much content that I could relate to that it felt like Jared was talking directly to me. I had many moments that opened up a deeper understanding of what I was experiencing.”


“I already had the audiobook and physical book. Jared gave examples of the worksheets and then reviewed the submitted worksheets. It was eye-opening how to use them in real-time. It also gave me ideas on modifying them to fit myself and the specific situation.”


“Jared provides a clear and actionable system for addressing mental game issues. Put in the work and you will see the progress.”

If the book has helped but you want more, or if it’s tougher for you to jump from the page to real life, this course can help and there’s no better time to get started.


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Written by Jared Tendler

November 19, 2022

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