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Coaching, accountability and community via a closed, online platform. 

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Strategy sessions

Gain Actionable Insights into Your Trading Psychology


Get feedback on your worksheets and questions to correct your costly problems


Benefit from 3 Live Coaching Events every month, hosted by an elite performance coach

Knowledge base

Leverage Experience to Break Through Roadblocks


Have on-demand access to an easily searchable database of Trading Psychology advice, experiences, examples and analysis


Enjoy new content added every month

Member Forums

Cultivate Accountability and Momentum with Like-Minded Traders


Surround yourself with traders committed to doing the necessary work to improve


Exchange ideas and sustain your motivation

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Recorded Strategy Sessions

Develop and refine your mental game strategy using past Strategy Sessions.

Significant Discount

Become a member for a fraction of the cost of private coaching with Jared.

Improved Execution

Learn effective techniques to correct your common and costly problems.

Extensive Knowledge Base

Get instructions, feedback, examples, and more, whenever you need it.

Structure & Accountability

Stay on track with weekly challenges and member support.

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Access the online platform whenever you want and wherever you are.

Elevate Your Trading Performance

Enjoy All of These Benefits


Participate in 3 Strategy Sessions each month to receive personalized advice, feedback on your worksheets, & more, directly from Jared


Have your questions answered and your worksheets analyzed as Jared regularly responds directly to members in the community forum


View all past Strategy Session recordings


Access a Knowledge Base of step-by-step instructions, advice, examples, analysis and templates


Eligible for 15 minutes of individual coaching


Exchange ideas with other traders and sustain motivation in the community forum


Get inspired and stay on track by completing Accountability Challenges


Enroll anytime


All for much less than Jared’s $500/hour coaching

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“Trading can sometimes be a lonely battle and the market is unforgiving. Jared really understands what is required to get you to perform at your highest level.”

- Ryan Manongdo, Currencies Trader


General Questions

What is a Strategy Session?

Strategy Sessions are live coaching events offered 3x a month to help you gain insights into what’s holding you back and learn how to break through roadblocks. In the sessions I’ll discuss targeted mental game topics, give personalized advice on member problems, provide feedback on submitted worksheets, and host open Q&A.

Sessions are hosted within the online platform and I will publish dates and agendas in advance so you can plan ahead.

Don’t worry if you can’t attend live, recordings are generally posted within a few hours.

What is the Knowledge Base?

The Knowledge Base is an easily searchable and content-rich database that includes step-by-step instructions, video clips of worksheet analysis, examples, templates, and more. I will add to it regularly and all members will have unlimited access.

The big win here is when you are stuck and want an example of a completed worksheet, you can find one. When you need a quick reminder on a concept, you can find one. When you want the answer to a common question, you can find one. It can be your go-to resource for working independently on your mental game.

What is the structure for Individual Coaching?

The skill I have honed the most in my many years of coaching is the speed and precision with which I can help clients identify the roots of their problems. To make the most of it, I will regularly select members for 15 minutes of individual coaching. I don’t have a quota for how often I will do this, but want to leave the opportunity open-ended for when I see something where I know individual coaching will quickly accelerate progress and/or be a terrific learning example for the larger group.

What is an Accountability Challenge?

The Accountability Challenges will be assignments for you to complete, designed to keep you focused on doing the necessary work to make progress. For instance, it may be “update your A-to-C game analysis by next week” or “review your profile and add 3-5 new details” or “look back at your C game today vs. 6 months ago and notice any progress.”

Isolation is often cited as a struggle in trading. When you are already by yourself all day and intensely focused on your trading business, it can be a challenge to set aside the time to focus on your mental game. This is an additional way to create structure and routine for doing the work within the Mental Game of Trading LIVE.

Will you offer any trading advice?

Nope. I am solely focused on mental game strategy.

How much does it cost to join?

Membership costs $49/month ($134/quarter, $499/year) As a point of reference, my private coaching starts at $750/hour. For less than one hour, Premium Members get 15 hours/quarter of live coaching, plus my active participation on the forum answering questions and analyzing worksheets, not to mention the content in the Knowledge Base and other features of the site.

How This Program Fits With Jared’s Other Offerings

If I am already familiar with your system, what will I get from The Mental Game of Trading LIVE?
Many traders come to me for private coaching looking for help implementing and personalizing my system. That’s what you’ll get. Assistance that can increase your pace of progress, minimize the severity of setbacks and improve your execution.

It can be hard to do the necessary self-reflection, analysis and strategizing all on your own. I’ve designed The Mental Game of Trading LIVE to make all that work easier.

How will The Mental Game of Trading LIVE differ from the Trading Psychology Masterclass?
My approach will be similar in that we’ll tackle problems using my system and I will answer questions and use examples directly from enrolled members. But the Trading Psychology Masterclass is a finalized product. The Mental Game of Trading LIVE is real-time. In addition to providing Premium Members with personalized feedback and Essential Members with the opportunity for personal feedback, all members get an ever-growing library of new resources and a community of like-minded traders to ease the demands of staying accountable for working on your trading psychology.
How will The Mental Game of Trading LIVE be different from your monthly Office Hours on YouTube?

Currently Office Hours is on hiatus while I focus on other projects.

Make Jared Part of Your Team

Do you want to elevate your performance like the pros do? I’ve been coaching for almost 20 years and in the last 10 I’ve helped numerous independent traders, fund managers, and prop firms reach their highest levels of performance. With speed and precision I help clients identify what’s holding them back. Start making my experience, training and skill work for you and sign up for my newest program, The Mental Game of Trading LIVE.